Garlic Granules

Garlic Granules mesh 40/60

Garlic granules, like their powdered cousin, are made of dried garlic that has been processed into a handy packaged kitchen spice. Containing no added salts or other spices,  garlic granules measure in the same way that garlic salt is measured. This is important to remember, since garlic granules are not used in the same measurements as garlic powder.


Typically, it takes two parts of garlic granules to provide the same level of flavor as would be obtained with the use of garlic powder. At the same time,garlic granules will measure in a manner similar to garlic salt in most recipes.


When converting any recipe to use garlic granules rather than garlic powder, simply double the recipe. As an example, if a teaspoon of garlic powder is called for, use two teaspoons of garlic granules.


The taste of the recipe will remain the same. On the other hand, anyone who is trying to avoid garlic salt can use the same amount of garlic granules in the recipe and achieve a similar taste. Using the granules allows the individual to get more health benefits from the garlic, while eliminating the health issues often associated with excess use of garlic salt.


In fact, garlic granules can be used to help minimize or even eliminate the use of table salt in the home. Just about any recipe that calls for the addition of salt will taste just fine if garlic granules are used instead. There is no need to convert the amounts to use, since salt and garlic granules measure alike.


Persons concerned about high blood pressure will find this substitution very helpful, since garlic not only is an excellent for enhancing flavor, but also is thought by herbalists to help the body to regulate blood pressure.


While garlic granules are not able to add the same texture to foods that can be achieved by using minced garlic, they are a great way to keep the spice around the home without any concerns of the garlic becoming rancid. Just like garlic salt or powder, garlic granules can be stored in a cool dry place and will remain fresh for several months


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Garlic granules, like their powdered cousin, are made of dried garlic
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Garlic Granules mesh 40/60
Garlic granules, like their powdered cousin, are made of dried garlic that has been processed into a handy packaged kitchen spice. Containing no added salts or other spices,  garlic granules measure in the same way that garlic salt i ... (Read More)
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