Mace Ground Organic 100g


Mace was first introduced into Europe during the 11th century by Arab traders to flavour beer. 

Mace and nutmeg are from the same fruit. Mace is the lacy covering of the seed, which is the nutmeg. They have different colour and flavour profiles.


Mace is spicy and bitter with clove-like and piney overtones. It's aroma is terpeny. Mace is more aromatic than nutmeg but has more bitter notes. Ground mace is lighter in colour than ground nutmeg. 


Mace is usually used in cakes, confections, and light coloured products such as cream soups, cream sauces, chowders, crackers, pie fillings and cakes. Mace is also used in fish, vegetables purees, meat stews and meat pies. Commericially, Mace flavours frankfurters, doughnuts, pickels, preserves, ice cream, confections, icings, sausages, ham, soup mixes, and poultry.


Mace pairs well with fruit, sugar, chocolate and milk based products. It provides an intensive aroma to middle eastern and Asian foods.


It is available by 100g.


Country of Origin: India, Region: Kerala

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