Vitamin C Calcium Ascorbate

Calcium Ascorbate is a natural form of Vitamin C, which is much more readily absorbed in the blood stream than the other forms of calcium. Importantly, calcium is coupled with Vitamin C to deliver the benefits of both calcium & Vitamin C.


Calcium Ascorbate is called “buffered” because the ascorbic acid is bonded with calcium which neutralizes the acidity of Vitamin C, and makes it gentler on the stomach for those who suffer from stomach upset when taking regular Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid).


It is in essence a non-acidic form of Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid). Calcium Ascorbate also provides 114 mg of calcium per 1,000 mg of ascorbic acid.



Calcium ascorbate is not only recommended for athletes and the elderly but also for those who wish to strengthen their muscle and bones and to hold the aging process at bay.

Calcium ascorbate is an immune booster and aids in fighting bacterial infections. It is a strong antioxidant destroying free radicals in the body.


It is anti-carcinogenic, antitumorigenic and promotes bone and tooth formation. It may aid in lowering blood cholesterol level and slows the aging process. It also helps prevent prostate cancer.


1 heaped teaspoon = approx. 4000 mg. of Calcium Ascorbate.

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