Our Spice and Herb Products

Premium Spices Torbay ensures that we source our spices only from companies that have proven record of exporting high quality herbs and spices to the west for many years.


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basil, bay leaves, majoram, mixed herbs, oregano
basil, bay leaves, majoram, mixed herbs, oregano

Our Herbs include:




garlic flakes, cajun seasoning, morrocan
garlic flakes, cajun seasoning, morrocan

Whole and Ground Spices

premium spices, anise seeds, chilie crushed, mace ground
premium spices, anise seeds, chilie crushed, mace ground

Healthy Food

healthy food, premium spices
healthy food, premium spices

Natural fields and a clean environment are the sources for Healthy Food.


Our offer includes:


and so much more

Organic Food

premium spices, organic food
premium spices, organic food

Recently Organic Food received great popularity, but often people do not understand what organic food really means.


Organic food is grown without the use of pesticides, sewage sludge, synthetic fertilisers, genetically modified organisms, or ionizing radiation.


The organic food industry is boosting day by day as farmers, manufacturers also prefer to prepare organic items rather than conventional items.


Many products of organic food are available in market i.e. organic milk, organic meat, organic beef, organic fruits, organic vegetables, fruits, organic tea, coffee, and many other.


Have a look what Organic Food Premiums Spices is stocking for you. 

premium spices, wholesale spices
Wholesale Spices


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The shipping fee for all parcels is $ 6.90 anywhere in New Zealand

except small islands.

The minimum order amount is
$ 10.00


**All Prices Include GST


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All Credit cards

Direct Deposit

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